Inkscape Keys

Hi guys!

Do you know Inkscape? It’s a freeware and open source software you can download from internet. It’s a very beautiful software that you can use to draw nice illustrations.

I’ve drawn all my illustrations with it and I think it’s a very useful instrument for vector designs.

I want to advise you to use some keyboards that can help you in your works. I often use them and I think they help you to draw more quickly and without lose your concentration.


F1 (or s)Selector

F2 (or n)Node

F3 (or z)Zoom

F4 (or r)Rectangle

F5 (or e)Ellipse/Arc

F6 (or p)Freehand Pencil

Shift +F6 (or b)Bezier Pen

Ctrl +F6 (or c)Calligraphic

Ctrl +F1 (or g)Gradient

F8 (or t)Text

F9 (or i)Spiral

Shift +F9 (or *)Star


Shift + Ctrl + F Fill & Stroke

Shift + Ctrl + T Text & Font

Shift + Ctrl + M Transform

Shift + Ctrl + L Layers

Shift + Ctrl + A Aligne & Distribute

Shift + Ctrl + D Document Preferences

See you soon. Roberto

Photo credits: Roberto Giovannini.

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December 06, 2007


You're welcome Electricblue! I hope they can help you with your drawings.
Thanks a lot, Valeria!
Ciao, Rob.

December 06, 2007


I think it's not that easy to produce illustrations like yours! Inkscape may be easy to use, but you are very skilled!!!

December 06, 2007


thanks for this info, I'll try immediately ;-)

December 05, 2007


Hi Carolyn! Thanks a lot! There're many tutorials you can find in internet, explaining how to create simple drawings. I've learnt the basics in this way, then... I've tried to create something on my own and I've improved my technique. Initially it's a little frustrating, but it's very simple to learnt. I hope to see in future illustrations in your portfolio as beautiful as your photos. Bye, Rob.

December 05, 2007


I did download it a while back. But, unless you know what you're doing, it takes a while to learn. I appreciate the shortcuts above. Is there a "fast-track" way to learn the basics for this program that you are aware of? I am really impressed with the work you do with it.

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