Inkscape Keys

Hi guys!

Do you know Inkscape? It’s a freeware and open source software you can download from internet. It’s a very beautiful software that you can use to draw nice illustrations.

I’ve drawn all my illustrations with it and I think it’s a very useful instrument for vector designs.

I want to advise you to use some keyboards that can help you in your works. I often use them and I think they help you to draw more quickly and without lose your concentration.


F1 (or s)Selector

F2 (or n)Node

F3 (or z)Zoom

F4 (or r)Rectangle

F5 (or e)Ellipse/Arc

F6 (or p)Freehand Pencil

Shift +F6 (or b)Bezier Pen

Ctrl +F6 (or c)Calligraphic

Ctrl +F1 (or g)Gradient

F8 (or t)Text

F9 (or i)Spiral

Shift +F9 (or *)Star


Shift + Ctrl + F Fill & Stroke

Shift + Ctrl + T Text & Font

Shift + Ctrl + M Transform

Shift + Ctrl + L Layers

Shift + Ctrl + A Aligne & Distribute

Shift + Ctrl + D Document Preferences

See you soon. Roberto

Photo credits: Roberto Giovannini.

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