Inkscape Keys – Part II

Hi everybody!

Here I am with the second part of the blog dedicated to the freeware and open source software called Inkscape. It’s very easy to use, but if you know some simple tricks, you’ll be able to draw with it in a faster way.

In the first part of my little tutorial ( ) I’ve shown you keyboards about tools (selector, node, zoom, geometrical forms, pen & pencil, gradient, text) and dialogs (very important to change the main characteristics of the objects).

Now I’d like to show you some keyboards about file, zoom and layers.


Ctrl + N Create new document

Ctrl + O Open an SVG document

Ctrl + I Import bitmap or SVG

Ctrl + P Print document

Ctrl + S Save document

Shift + Ctrl + O Save under a new name

Ctrl + Q Exit form Inkscape


Left button of the mouse Zoom in

Shift + Left button of the mouse Zoom out

Drag left button of the mouse Zoom into the area


Shift + PgUp Move the selected object to layer above

Shift + PgDn Move the selected object to layer below

Shift + Ctrl + PgUp Raise Layer

Shift + Ctrl + PgDn Lower Layer

Shift + Ctrl + Home Raise Layer to top

Shift + Ctrl + End Lower Layer to bottom

I hope you’ll consider this tutorial useful for your illustrations drawn with Inkscape.

See you soon and... Merry Christmas!


Photo credits: Roberto Giovannini.

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July 31, 2008


Thanks a lot Silvia! You're very kind! I hope to see your illustrations soon! Ciao, Rob.

July 31, 2008


Hi Roberto :) I've started doodling with inkscape and even managed to create my first three illustrations! There's a lot to learn, I especially find difficult to draw with the pen :( I'll keep exploring this useful tool.
Thanks for the keyboard shortcuts. I really love your work - I consider you a master! :) Ciao!

April 28, 2008


You are welcome Irisangel!
I'm happy you find it useful... Good job! Bye, Rob.

Thanks Photosmillenium!

April 27, 2008


Thanks Rob, I downloaded the program today and I have been having fun learning how to use it. Not so different from adobe but has a lot of great features that Adobe doesn't have,. Thanks a bunch for the tip. Peg

January 22, 2008


Hi Dabo! Thanks a lot! There are many tutorials online. Make a simple seach with Google (Inkscape tutorial) and you'll find many interesting sites. Bye, Rob.

January 22, 2008


Hi Rob..nice! really usefull..I love inkscape, I'm trying to learn to use it, but is hard...I hate love but I'm so...sad I 'm not able to use you know some interesting site where to found complete tutorial about it, inkscape would be best? ciao

January 21, 2008


Hi Brenda! Your portfolio is beautiful! Congrats! You use Inkscape in a excellent way.. Ciao, Rob.

January 21, 2008


I use inkscape to render all my illustrations. I find that it is very manageable and you can create great art with it.

December 28, 2007


Thanks Leda! Bye, Rob.

December 28, 2007


Very good tutorial Roberto! ;)
Merry Christmas too!

December 24, 2007


Hi Shockie!

Thanks a lot. I've seen your works. They're really interesting. Congratulations! I think you'll sell very well. See you soon, Rob.

December 23, 2007


Hi Roberto, I just discovered inkscape this week and downloaded it. So I will bookmark your tutorials. Thank you!

Your artwork is wonderful! I love it!
The cartoon kids are so cute! And I love the fashion and sexy girls, they're one of my favorites.
The new Christmas and wisemen illustrations are outstanding.

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