inkscape tutorial

Hi all!

Today I post a simple tutorial about how to make a star pendant!

You will be able to make it with the free vector drawing software inkscape!

You can see my graphic in the image below and it has been made totally with inkscape. It is quite simple if you have a basic knowledge of the software.

- First draw a star with star tool and fill it with your favourite colour. Duplicate it in the same place -to make this copy the star object and make “paste in place”- you will have two identical star, one under the other, with same colours.

- Convert both to path. This command will enable you to change the object structure so it is very important.

- Select the fist star and "path>inset" to make it smaller, fill it with the background colour. Copy the stars, one inside the other, and paste both in another part of the sheet. Fill the new bigger star with the background color and make "path>difference". The new object is empty inside, it will be our star's shadow.

- Take again first double star, select both and make "path>difference"... wow, you have the star pendant! Put the shadows under the star and the effect will be the same as the picture I drew!

EEK! Is not the same?!

Well, contact me I am happy to help you.

Photo credits: Chiara Ganzer.

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