Innovation and quirkiness at the Geneva Motor Show

Now that all the images that I submitted have been processed, here's a quick review of the innovative concepts (and the weird ones) that I saw.

Hybrids are always the talk of the motor show. Some brands push the boundaries a bit further than others, and Peugeot was showing off its laboratory car, as well as its Lemans racer equipped with KERS.

Smart goes electric! It's electric version of the ForTwo was on display, along with a "souped up" version done by Brabus (I did not check what the range was, but expect it to be just enough to go to the grocer and back, but FAST!)

Designers are also taking notice, and Giugiaro presented the "world's fastest hybrid", the Namir. Gorgeous does not start to describe it, but with a top speed of over 200 Km/h will you have time to look at it when it zooms past?

Swiss company Rinspeed went a few steps further, presenting an electric car that can be operated with an iPhone (would anyone want that?) and that changes its shape to accomodate one or three people, the iChange. It does look good...

And among all this, could the real future be the Honda Clarity FCX, powered by electric engines that receive their energy from hydrogen? It does look a bit ungainly, but an engine that only releases water as a product of the combustion is an environmentalist's dream...

Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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