Have you visited your local museum lately. Here in our SMALL town we went today for an exhibit caled "Trends In Photography." You can see some of the featured work posted on their website here Pickens County Museum

We saw some really great photos, some of the same things and places in our area that we had similar photos of. Almost all the works were for sale. So now we are trying to find out how you get invited to such a show. I would LOVE to see some of our work on display at a place like this.

We were also inspired to get out and try new things, and new ways to mount and show our work. There was even a grouping of 4 photos that was printed on a sheet of aluminum. I do not know how that was done but would love to find out.

We are booth beginning to realize more of what we like to photograph, My hubby is into landscapes, waterfalls, scenery, old buildingsā€¦ I like more detailed things with lots of textures (like the frog photo on the above link) and people photos, I also LOVE to do Black & White.

So take an afternoon off from your photography and visit a museum photography showing in your area.

Photo credits: Psalm113v9.

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October 12, 2007


I just love the photograph of the old Mill - gorgeous!

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