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I love coffee, and there is always one big cup of coffee on my table while I am working on my computer. A few days ago I was drinking a coffee and wanted to test out my new home made studio for isolated images. Since I was having my cup of coffee in my hands, I got an idea to shoot some coffee related images.

I was browsing through Dreamstime coffee related images, just to start some creativity juices flowing. And here it is...a few of my latest accepted images. For all of you coffee lovers :)

I think that is really tough to be original these days with so many images online...but I will keep trying :)

Even now, at 00:43 i'm working a night shift and drink some coffee :)

Photo credits: Mario Čehulić.

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October 16, 2011


Thanks Dprogers.

October 15, 2011


Great images. Good job, very creative I think you have done a great job there.

October 14, 2011


Thanks Egomezta

October 14, 2011


Great idea, great images.

October 14, 2011


Thank you for your comments...and...i'm drinking my third cup of coffee right now :))

October 14, 2011


Great idea!!! Best of luck with sales.

October 14, 2011


Very nice, I'd love to see what you could do with tea!

October 14, 2011


I love coffee too and I could not live without it. Great inspiration and photos!!!! :)))

October 14, 2011


I'd be awake for a week if I drink more then my usual ONE cup of coffee in the morning :)

October 14, 2011


The second one is great!! Good job!

October 14, 2011


Interesting !

October 14, 2011


"Good" collection, congratulations!

October 14, 2011


Beautiful images, great job!!!

October 14, 2011


Great images, congratulations!

October 13, 2011


Cool idea! I like it!

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