Inspiration at home

Some days it seems very hard for me to get my creative juices flowing with ways to increase my portfolio. I don't get excited shooting ordinary objects on a white background, but I also usually don't feel like hopping in the car and driving an hour or more to go into town.

So when I'm really struggling like this for for inspiration, sometimes I just decide it is better to forget about taking photos and do some housework or yardwork least I will have my home looking a little nicer, right? The side benefit is that it occasionally actually leads to photo fact, that is exactly what led to my pressure washing image, which has become a very good seller both here on Dreamstime and on another site.

On a different day I decided to putter around my yard and yank a few weeds from the garden. Wasn't I surprised and pleased to find a tree frog resting on one of my daylilies! That seemed like the perfect excuse to play with my macro lens, and resulted in a few decent photos and a fun afternoon, even if I didn't get my weeding done. I also found a millipede when out doing yardwork, and while it was not exactly a cooperative model, it provided a fun distraction and also ended up in my portfolio. And yes, once again my yardwork did not get done! Lol!

I don't know anyone who doesn't have to do laundry once in a while. I decided to use that as my inspiration for my portfolio one day. A couple of images online, and several more ideas for my portfolio came out of that session.

And now if you'll excuse me, I think I have some 'work' to do around my home.

Photo credits: Teekaygee.

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September 10, 2008


I too love it when the opportunity arises around the house to get a sellable photo! As I was roofing my shed this summer, I paused to get this shot, which has become one of my top sellers:


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