Inspiration rhymes with perspiration

I started my foray into "stock" just over a year ago with footage. I was doing animations for friends and a view paid jobs and someone told me about a site where I could upload and sell them.

At the time, I was a World of Warcrack-a-holic, typically playing 3 to 4 hours a DAY every single day. But I started to get really passionate about my animations and some minor success with the stuff I had uploaded. That led to more and more time creating animations and motion graphics and less time playing WoW until it got the point where I stopped playing altogether.

Now, when I started playing WoW, I was spending $100 a month or more on Playstation and PC games because I'd quickly get bored with stuff and needed something new. When I got addicted to WoW, I stopped buying and playing other games, so at $15 a month I was spending considerably less. That extra "income" was nice and allowed me to spend a little more time at the movies and stuff.

Since starting my new addiction to stock, I'm back to spending lots of money again....sigh. Better hardware for my computer, new plugins for After Effects and PhotoShop, tons of USB drives to store all this stuff. I haven't quite caught up to making as much as I'm spending, but over all I'm a LOT happier than when I was playing WoW.

The wife is actually somewhat impressed with what I've been doing, so I don't catch nearly as much flack as when I played games all the time.

Btw, I chose the attached photo for two reasons. First I searched for the keyword INSPIRATION for this blog. Second, I wanted something that wasn't on the first few pages to maybe give a little exposure to someone who is WAY FARTHER down the search list. And third... I like it. :) (and yes, I can't count)

Photo credits: Matthiashaas.

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