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Inspiration - where and how?

Quite a simple one but something that can really stump the best of us. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I will start the ball rolling, I find sport really shakes the cobwebs loose, there is nothing better than going out for a run to get the old gray matter ticking over and adverts on the TV.

Obviously you get the best inspiration just as you are gong to sleep but when you wake up...its gone! I am sure my sales would be much higher if some of my thoughts that I had just as I am drifting off made it to the computer!

How about you...

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August 21, 2007


Its glad to see the world is so varied...I guess inspiration is something that influences us in different ways.

August 20, 2007


Life in general is my inspiration the would around me is beautiful, and with 8 grandchildren we are always on the go. never a dull moment.

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