Inspired by the featured photographer

Have you clicked on foodmaniac's featured photos? If you haven't yet please do that. That beautiful food photo we see is just part of a larger photo. It is amazing that such a great shot is actually only part of another. My portfolio is sickly in comparison to the ricness of this photographers photos. I believe their photos could be cut is several ways and still produce good photos. What an inspiration to me to look at my photos and composition differently.

My congratulations to foodmaniac and the administrators that chose this very talented photographer.

Photo credits: Betty Copeland.

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February 07, 2010


Thank you for your kind comments. I was in bed this morning planning how I will photograph my breakfast. I think I can get two photos from my omelet. By the way your portfolios are also inspiring,

February 07, 2010


Hi Betty, always nice to get inspiration from good photographers, however, looking at your latest food images, dont lose heart they are also very good and who knows, if you keep up the standard you may be featured one day :0)

February 06, 2010


nice photo!

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