inspired by LARP (Live Action Role Play)

(first; sorry for my english ;) )

One of my Hobbys is playing LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Many people don`t know this kind of game, others think, there is only Fantasy-LARP. But there is much more ;)

I prefere science-fiction and sometimes Horror-LARPs.

One of my favorite things is also creating the Clothes for the Character i have to play and decorating the locations.

Sometimes i get inspired to do some 3D-Artwork with the Theme of the LARP.

For example:

NewYear 2012 i was on a Psycho-Horror-LARP. (a very intensiv and interesting game, which starts some months before in the social media with our characters. It was a little bit like the british TV-series Misfits*g*

Two years ago, there was a Psycho-Horror-LARP called "All eyes on me". A kind of Big Brother House, but it was much more than the Candidates thought ;) (i think, only two survived this house *g* My Character died :( )

A sci-fi game many years ago inspired me to do a little shortfilm. (My Character - a Spy - got arrested and was waiting for her execution. Unfortunately i had no time to finish this project. :( By the way; she was able to escape ;)

Last year i was in an atomic shelter. A Cthulhu-Horror-LARP ;) (Nobody survived *lol*) It was very interesting to live in an atomic shelter for a weekend.

Next pictures are 2D-Grafics and photographs;)

The atomic shelter was interesting, but much more fun i had in an old german jailhouse, which is now used sometimes as a discothek or for shootings. We had this location for 4 days (and nights *g*)

It was a Horror-Game. The Setting was UDSSR in the fifties

My character was a MGB-Agent (again i don`t survived but i returned as an evil creature ;) )

(Thats me in the picture ;) )

And last but not least

Two weeks ago i was again in the jailhouse-location. This time a sci-fi LARP (on a former jailhouse-Planet ;) )

My character was the head of a Syndicate (MaoMing Triade).

It was the most intensive game i ever played. Really fantastic. And so many nice Costumes from everybody. Also the old prison was decorated fantastic.

It was a lot of work before the LARP. But i had a lot of fun. :)

Creating my own chinese and japanese costumes :)

Trouble with the sewing machine (my first steps to make my own kimono ;) )

i did not give up ;)

Decorating the old jailhouse, so it don`t looks like a jailhouse ;)

we also were allowed to paint the walls :)

and after all that work we had a lot of fun acting our characters and drinking tea ;)

And again my character don`t survived. But this time it was a tragic love-story why she has chosen to die. (Others died, because of a Alien-Attack ;) )

If someone is interested and can read german. Someone wrote a very nice story about the members of the MaoMing triade who died.

(Me was Sakura Mao, also called O-kasan, which means Mother. O-tosan = Father)

i hope you enjoy my pictures. And maybe we meet us on a LARP? ;)

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October 15, 2015


Next year is a LARP with Japanese Theme again. I am happy, so i can wear my selfmade Kimono again *g* ;)
Me with my selfmade Kimono

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Photo credits: , Stefanie Winkler.