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In Finding Inspiration, I wrote about the things and themes from which I draw my muse. You don't have to be active in stock photography very long to realize that images containing people tend to be the most popular with buyers. If you are like me, however, you have neither the skills and equipment to justify hiring models, nor the bravado to approach random people to sign model releases.

The obvious solution is to use your friends and family.

The key is to find their price.

I like to lure my models with food.

Although I've found a good single malt scotch works well also.

You can also find suitable stand-ins.

Meet Clancy

He's my favorite model

He doesn't mind me dressing him up.

He's very patient while I work on lighting and props

And he is exactly the same height as I am when sitting on a stool.

But thanks to my Fit at 50 routine,

we are NOT the same width!

Which brings me to the cheapest model you will ever find.


Just remember to check your preconceived self image at the front door.

The camera doesn't lie, and when you're a Half Century, neither do the keywords.

aging hippie

mature business woman

older woman with earrings

And remember to keep that sense of humor.

This image was flagged for keyword spamming

The word was SEXY ...


Use your imagination, and you might find other people ready to help.

And there's always the unsuspecting model,

so long as you understand the difference between RF and Editorial.

Once you have the models, it's time to create the setting for them.

Just remember the market for smiling, happy people doing xyz

is pretty full already.

Draw on what you know. We would all love to take the candid shot of surgeons huddled over the operating table mid-surgery, but unless you're in the medical profession, or undergoing surgery while conscious, there is little chance of capturing that shot.

Stick with what you do know and do have access to.

What is your profession?

My parents were pharmacists.

I'm an engineer

No, not that kind of engineer.

What is unique about where you live?

Or where you travel?

What are your hobbies?

What do you do in everyday life?

Find your inspiration from a favorite book, song, movie or expression.

When I was young my favorite book was The Borrowers by Mary Norton about tiny people who live in the walls of your house and borrowed common household items for their own unique uses.

Wherever I find my muse, I like to make sure the inspiration comes from

my personality

my passions

and my dreams

Photo credits: , Karen Foley.

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Getting sharp focus on your eyes when being your own model isnt that easy That's where Clancy comes in. I can use him to set up the shot and then swap myself in at the last minute. Like I said, he's very patient ;-)Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging comments. I can't tell you how much they mean to me! K-


Nice blog! thanks for sharing :-)


Very funny and full of good ideas.




Excellent blog with graet photos!!! Good luck for 2012!


Great!!! thanx...


Wow love this. Made me smile a lot. A lot of good information as well. Nice to read, thank you :)


Just about the most intelligent blog that I have ever read. Congratulations on your creative ideas. Getting sharp focus on your eyes when being your own model isnt that easy but a radio trigger can help and taking lots of shots.


Great photos !

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