Installation style artic with steel

As a Chinese whose hometown is the countryside,it is difficult for me to love the heavy industry.In my memory,all of the heavy industry is composed by high funnel with heavy smoking,the small space is fullfilled with noise, the black waste water flowing to the river which floating the animal's body...

Maybe this memory is coming from the book which describe the disaster effect of the industry society.Comparing the agriculture society which being fullfilled with farm, forest, clean river and farmer,the industry society is the nightmare for a Chinese who gave birth in 1980s...

One day when I visited a small historic old which keep the oldest objects,I started to change my mind...

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

Of course, the result of the heavy industry made our life very comfortable.But there being another big issue is the product being to end of the life, it is just the waste in some view. But,if you make a little changing, it is very funny to make the lifeless object to active and interesting.

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

And when you see the object from another view, you will also get a special impression.

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

Installation style art in Yuehe Old Street

If you will, trying another view you will find there are so many funny things which inspire your curiosty and keep you active.

Photo credits: Richard Wong.
Richard Wong
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January 08, 2022

Inspiration is right, Richard - well done.  I have a new appreciation for metallic shapes after seeing your vision - many thanks.


September 10, 2017

@Babar760 thank your comments and your encourage will promote me take better photos.
If you try, one day you will write good Chinese!!!


September 08, 2017

Very interesting article and photos. There is art in everything! Also, you write English very well. I wish I could write Chinese as well!