Instant Love

Close up couple showing instant camera image

Someone recently asked me what's the most direct, organic, personal thing that I can put into words in two seconds, knowing my weak spot for film photography.

In about one, my mind stalled so I could deliver the answer to a question I've been actually asking myself for so long that I forgot the A's and Z's of it.


Yes, INSTANT, that tiny thing, both a photo and object, usually known as Polaroid.

I can't think of anything more personal than this. (There are still a couple of brands that make them, fortunately)


Today's digital world is diluted by the countless possibilities of copying and altering a file, while

yesterday's film was also, by design, subject to multiplication. Polaroid instant sheets remain unique, individual objects. It's true, we can scan them too, or use whatever newest App available to digitize, but that feeling of touching an actual object that contains your memory , under your eyes, just moments after...that feeling exceeds photography, it touches a very intimate, personal, sensible chord deep within.

Photo tulips

That "thing" is the reason why the Polaroid frame became overwhelmingly popular, so much so that we can find it in most of today's mobile photo apps. Essentially it became an icon in terms of visual cliches, used by designers and

simple folks alike, to add that special personal, sentimental touch, nostalgic even.

It's a bit of a paradox really, once the border of visual content, the instant sheet's frame gradually became the content itself, adding sentimental value to whatever it holds.

Girl posing with instant camera

One thing is for sure, though: there's no feeling like the one you have in that minute waiting for that little square piece of paper to become a memory. A unique memory.

Three blank instant photos hanging on the clothesline

Photo credits: 9george, Artem Rastorguev, Diego Vito Cervo, Oleg Doroshin, Rawpixelimages.

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January 29, 2018


This is Worlds "SIMPLE THE BEST".
ONLY 6 MONTS after START all money gou back.
Revenu is mit xx+ 000 000 000. ($ automatic)

Dr.Sc.Ing (IT ) Janis Silins says:

THIS IS THE WORLDS GREATEST R&D!!!!!!!!!!! version
Apollo, nuclear BOMB and.....all others sleeping after POLAROYD-s

January 12, 2018


Sadly Andrei, not enough people shared your enthusiasm for this technological tour de force. As for now, it seems that the "print" medium is a tiny niche, but a valuable one at that. I still enjoy looking through my parent's physical family albums.

January 09, 2018


Beautiful and inspiring article. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us Andrei :)

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