Instant Photo Tip! Improve Images Now!

This blog is a quickie but a good one - here's my photo tip of the week that I just learned myself.

Set your exposure compensation down one step (-0.3 or -0.5). Why? This makes your blacks "blacker" and improves the overall richness of the colour in your images. Check it out for yourself.

It's the best quick-tip I've learned in a while, so I thought I'd pass it on. Enjoy!

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Photo credits: David Webb.

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I was just getting ready to post the same thing as Afagundes. Best to shoot according to the histogram (and even OVEREXPOSE if you shoot RAW) and adjust in post processing. The reason to overexpose is there is LESS detail in the darker shades and you cannot get those back! If you overexpose, even bumping your ISO to do so, you'll have less noise! Just use careful as you don't want to overexpose whites too much and loose all detail, but again, RAW helps a ton with that.
Darker does make the colors look richer, but simply adjusting in PP (as with the curves, or other ways) can bring that out without the loss of detail or the added noise.


It is usually true, but the best is still look at the histogram of the image and adjust the exposure accordingly, take the image in RAW and later use curves to darken the blacks.


Thanks for sharing, i will try!




Thanks for sharing....


Thanks for the info...


Thanx for sharing!


I'll try, thank ypu for the tip!


Thanks for the info.


Thanks for sharing.


Nice tip, I will surely give it a try someday.


I had heard about it but newer really tried it out seriously, you have encouraged me to give it a try!

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