Interesting Facts About Moon Photography

Interesting article by Randy Miller from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

One-hundred-fifty years ago, on the night of September 1, 1849, the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At 10:30 P.M., Samuel D. Humphrey slid a highly polished, silver-plated copper sheet measuring 2–3/4x1–3/4 inches into his camera, which was pointed at the Moon.

Humphrey then exposed the light-sensitive plate to the shining Moon nine times, varying the length of exposure from 0.5 seconds to 2 minutes. After developing the plate with mercury vapor, he sent his daguerreotype to Harvard College.

Louis Daguerre, the Frenchman who explained the secret of the world's first photographic technique in 1839, had daguerreotyped a faint image of the Moon, but the plate was soon lost in a fire. John W. Draper of New York City is credited with making the first clear daguerreotype of the Moon in March 1840, but this also was destroyed in a fire.

By 1851, the Harvard College Observatory was producing detailed, world-renowned daguerreotypes of the Moon, doubtless inspired by Humphrey, whose 1849 daguerreotype is now considered by many to be the earliest extant photograph of the Moon.

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Photo credits: Maigi, Nikolai Sorokin, Pjmorley, Titania1980.

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Glad I could share with you all!


Thanks a lot for sharing Susan!


never knew that and i live 40minutes from canandaigua, really interesting. :)




very interesting


Hi, Harold, good to hear from you! It truly is frustrating......but your area is so unique. Keep it up!


Nice and very interesting article. I'm still experimenting with dusk and night photography and have not yet found my niche so I will continue to plod ahead in a very frustrating area of photography at least for me.


Thanks, Dragos and Gabriel!


Great article and nice photos :)


beautiful photos!


Thanks, Sarah!


Yeah, Carol, my cats like to be walked at night and I love it with a pretty moon!


Great blog Susan! I love moonlit images and quite often sit out at night gazing at the full moon. Auuuu :)))


LOL!! I have many names! And I do seem to be talking about moons of various kinds lately....


Thanks for the very interesting blog! I had no idea. The moon is a tricky object. Some days ago I was told that we can see the smallest Moon right now, cause it is on its orbit most far from the Earth. And at the same night when I started to walk home I was stunned to see the huge Moon hanging over my home street. Yes, I have seen bigger Moon too, but it was a beautiful large full Moon. Usually it's like a small bright dot in the sky. So, for me it's the mystery why we can see it in so many different shapes and how to predict those huge Moon nights.
LOOL Desi, about Moonie! ;))))) Thanks Susan!!!!! :)


Very interesting, Moonie! :)


Good article!!!


Thanks guys, I found it a quick,interesting read.


Nice! Thanks for sharing Susan!


Good story!!!


Nice info, thanks for sharing a little of history with us...


You're very welcome, Ingrid!


Interesting article, and thanks for using my photo!!!

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