International Book Giving Day

February 14th is not only a day for love & lovers, it's also the International Book Giving Day!

Here's a copy/paste from the FB page of this community:

"Join us in celebrating International Book Giving Day!

1. Give a book to a friend or relative;

2. Wrap up a box of children's books that your kids have outgrown and get them in the hands of children who could really use a book or two; or

3. Leave a good book in a waiting room or lobby."

How cool is that? Books, in every possible form, are what make me feel most secure and comfortable...

Prayer Book 3

Little boy and the magic book

Autumn leaves, book and cup of tea on wooden table

I have only 2 collections of books here, will think of more in the future!

Old, Old Books & Grand Libraries

My question is: if you're to give someone a book, which would you give?

I already gifted The Little Prince 5 times in the past; it's obviously my favorite book - enjoy my favorite passage from it :)

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January 27, 2016

The writing in the book is not Arabic, it's Syriac, like Aramaic.


January 27, 2016

ARAB ligature, writing (in the photo). really - beauty.

and your poets ....


February 25, 2015

The comments are more useful than this blog ^_^ Thanks Dprogers!


February 25, 2015

Wow, if I gave someone a book (and I regularly do), which one would it be? Hmm, to make them laugh "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", to make them Just "Cry Freedom", to make them appreciate this world "Collapse", and to return them to childhood "The Hungry Caterpillar".


February 16, 2015

I'll be checking Illusions as soon as I can :D


February 16, 2015

never heard of book giving day, but I .like it!
I would (and have often) given the book Illusions, by richard bach. one of my very favorite and I am almost compelled to buy it every time I see it!


February 16, 2015

Great idea! Congratulations!


February 14, 2015

Nice idea Eliane ! Not really sure what book I'd offer to someone, i guess it depends on the person I'm giving it to...


February 13, 2015

Lovely idea!


February 12, 2015

@Celiaak: I was just checking the site, I LOVE the idea :D Thank you!


February 12, 2015

Glad you liked it :) But you didn't say in case you'd offer a book to someone, which book would it be?


February 12, 2015

A great idea! Yours is a great job, congratulations.
Your message is international and shared by many.


February 12, 2015

Your blogs are always lovely Eliane!


February 12, 2015

I.t is my favourite passage too, when the fox captivates the little prince.
As for book giving away, look at ***.com


February 11, 2015

The images was very beautiul!


February 11, 2015

Nice idea!