Internet Diary - The Blogging Era

When I was 11 yrs old, I started my own personal diary from a makeshift notebook. It became my "best friend". I wrote my life's stories & secrets I would never dare to share with anyone else. About the boy I liked, the things I went through at school & church, my personal thoughts of my friends & family.

I always lock it up in my drawer in the bedroom. At times, mum will mention something which sounded very familiar to what I wrote in my diary, that I did wonder if she somehow managed to get her hands on it & read all my secrets!

I stopped writing when I turned 16. I guess life was then too full for me to be able to find time to write all of it down.

Then, back in Aug 2004, my future brother-in-law, Lokes, introduced me to Blogger.

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I had just bought my own domain but had had no skill nor knowledge on how to set-up a personal website from scratch. I realized it'll take a lot of trial & error and perseverance before my website goes live.

EVERYDAY... I came across something interesting that I'd like to share with people my thoughts or comments. However, what I've been doing was just THINKING. I'd just sigh and keep aside whatever was in my already full-mind... Vowing that tomorrow will be the day I'll start something with my website.

Thanks to Lokes, I started blogging and found myself loving it!

My job requires me to travel away from home a lot. Hence, it became difficult for me to socialize face-to-face with my circle of friends at home as well as overseas. Instead of writing tonnes of emails to so many of my friends all over the world, I turned to my blogging as a new mean of communicating with my friends.

I write about my life; interesting events/activities, feelings and thoughts on my blog. My friends & other readers have a chance to communicate with me on a certain topic by commenting on my blog. How excellent!

Then, I started to get into photography more seriously. As I take more underwater photos, I can now share this beautiful environment with my friends & the world. At the same time, I took the opportunity to promote conservation awareness through my work online.

I try to blog smart by keeping it "fun, simple, easy & light" in my postings. Because I know a blog is never the same as a private diary. Well... everyone who has access on the internet can read what I wrote!

But I still thank God for this new opportunity because somehow, I do feel "free" after each time I blogged.

Cheers to the blogging era!

Photo credits: Konstantinos Kokkinis, Chad Mcdermott, Mariusz Szachowski, Alexis Puentes, Asther Lau Choon Siew, Tomo Jesenicnik, Dana Rothstein, Paulus Rusyanto.

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