Interrupted start with DT

Hello, just like to share my story so far with DT since I never came across anybody that started here the way I did.

I've been interested in stock photography since around the mid '90s but could never get serious into it because of my busy life, kids, etc. When I made the jump to digital photography I registered with DT and submitted three images in Jan. 2009 but a change in jobs and relocation used up the available time I had and forced me to stop and concentrate on my job and family.

I started now a loooong "vacation" (been laid off for a few months), so finally got the time to do what I've been curious to do for many years.

Here's my question: when you look at my stats in my profile, you will see that I've been a member for two years but only made one lousy sale! Would that hurt my chances of selling? Would a potential buyer look at this and wonder if the quality of my pictures are good enough? Will DT take into account my record to offer my images the same way it would do to the more successful contributors?

Sorry if I made the story too long, I would appreciate any feedback.


Photo credits: Sergio Vila.

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January 17, 2011


Your story is very encouraging, I will follow your advise.

Thank you

January 17, 2011


I started the same way you did... For almost 3 years I didn't do much here (I didn't believed too much in microstock photography) ... And in October 2009 I started uploading more and more images. Now I'm surprised with the results (almost $1000 in earnings in one year), and now I ask myself: Why didn't I participated more in DT before?... My suggestion to you, upload as many images as you can, learn and upload some more... Good luck

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