Intresting Customers and Pictures

It's very interesting that some pictures like this

© Alberm
King Penguin are a sale runner and other pictures like this memorial
© Alberm
not even have a view in the statistic I wonder how this happens.

Is it just keywords tagging or are the DT Customer more interested in other pictures?

Photo credits: Alberm.

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Hey -
I'm actually interested in one of your other pics (alpine ski lift) and wondered if you have any outtakes on that shot that might be more wide-angle or horizontal? I love that one for my project, but need more background area for the layout.

Sorry to contact you this way, but couldn't find an email for you. Please email me directly if you have anything. Time is short though - so sooner than later if you can :) Thanks/b

Brett Simms


The Penguin clearly has more stock value than the statue. Just because it is a good photo doesn't mean it has value as a stock photo.


Its hard to say exactly what will sell or what the customers are looking for, if I knew myself I would upload more of these types of images that sell. As Maen said, play the game designed to show us and understand more of what types of images will sell or are stock orientated.


Yes Michael, but I advise you to play the game so you can understand it more! Cheers ;)

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