Invasive, but relaxed

The pet market has made many exotic species available to enthusiastic

animal lovers with different not-always-positive consequences for the concerned species and for our environment.

In some occasions an excessive hunt of wild species has endangered their survival, in other cases the missing know-how in the maintenance and care of animals which have a high demand in their conditions for wellbeing has led to their death or in many cases to them being exposed in the wild.

A good example for this mismanagement are the American water turtles of the Graphtemys and Pseudemys families among others. They grow much faster as expected and the tiny cute turtle soon becomes a big monster which needs bigger and bigger terraria. They are often freed in a nearby pond, lake or river where they compete with the two European indigenous turtles and may become a plague which is practically impossible to control.

The guy on the pic doesn't know it's a trouble-maker or an invasive species and therefore enjoys more than relaxed the Spanish sun, so similar to the one in Florida, home-sweet-home..

A relaxed adult Red-eared Slider

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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March 03, 2016


Exotic pets and owners who don't understand the animals they're giving a home to are indeed problematic for indigenous wildlife. Great post and a fab picture ☺

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