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In these days of austerity and of new charity shops town centres are losing their attraction.

I applauded Inverness City Council and local shops when I read that they had arranged a Street Theatre Festival from 10th to 12 th October 2013.

A number of different acts and performers were signed up for the event which did much to increase the color of the city and liven it up.

There were 3 grannys Turismo running around on mechanised shopping trolleys which also carried hidden musical equipment for their dances.

They were very helpful posing for me although the light for photography could have been better.

Maynard Flip Flap was a real character........... he placed eggs in a cup on a pivoted board then got a member of the audience to jump on one end so the egg flew threw the air and Maynard tried to catch it in a basin on his head.

Then there was Steve Cousins an amazing entertainer who ended up inside his own rubber spheres.......... Balloonatic was the name of his act.

I didn't see all the acts which took place in 6 different sites around the city but in the grand finale caught one of the players from Eden Court theatre who took part in a dance of the swans.

In the course of a pleasant afternoon watching free entertainment I noticed the increase in footfall in the town and also noted a new Scottish objective of zero waste.

I do believe more towns could benefit from livening up by hosting street theatre.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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October 25, 2013


Nice images!

October 24, 2013


Great and funny images. Good luck.

October 24, 2013


Concetta...... your portfolio impresses me .......... thanks for your kind comment.

October 24, 2013


Nice images, very good!!!

October 23, 2013


Very funny pics and interesting words! Very good post, congrats ;)

October 23, 2013


Dear Bakichan, standard upload and images are editorial because people are performing in public and expecting to be photographed. First get your collection of images then go to post in dreamstime blog and then write the blog referring to image id s in your portfolio.
You can also use other DT images to illustrate your points ! David

October 23, 2013


how you upload this ? this foto have peaples faces

October 23, 2013


Dear Lenuta, thank you................ imagine a book about your home city........... then include a few of the pictures which aren't selling at present. Sometimes suddenly something sells unexpectedly........... for example purchases for tourist guides.

October 23, 2013


In Romania, in Sibiu city, one of the most beautiful cities from Transylvania organizes an annual international theater festival. It is very nice, education and culture for today but unfortunately the images that capture scenes of street theater are not successful in photography stock.I have some pictures with street theater in my portofolio but I had not even a sale to any of them . I hope and I wish you to have sales even these beautiful images! Unfortunately,I have not had success here with images like this. Good luck in sales with these beautiful images! Thank you for sharing! Best regard, Lenuta!

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