Invites baby to play and learn

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Educating the baby is the duty of parents and supported by the environment, because education is something to be done and accepted by everyone. Education is a major part to nurture infant behavior to face her future, so it needs a lot of methods that must be applied.

One of the primary method of educating a child is playing, playing with the baby very happy method and the motivation for moving around. Parents must be creative to find a way baby is not tired of playing for learning, the baby has a high level of boredom if parents are not creative in educating him.

Timing is key in educating the child, because the timing would make would be more concerned to learn and play. For instance, if you educate a baby when she was sleepy then this will be difficult for him in the activity. The right time for baby to play while learning, namely when the baby needed a friend.

That's a quick method of educating the child in positive behavioral support, this is all not only do parents only but all people who are nearby.

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January 19, 2011


absolutely agree!

January 19, 2011


Great blog!

January 19, 2011


Thanks for sharing.

January 19, 2011


I absoluly agree! As a mum I'm very careful in playing with my toddler, trying to help him learning to speak, to spend time outdoor, to see new and different things,... not so difficult and often funny!

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