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Although I am not new to photography I am new to putting my images online for an attempt to sell them. I have no problem with my images being refused by DT, in fact I've learned a great deal about what DT looks for in an image for it to be a candidate for their stock photo database. Two of the reasons DT uses the most when refusing one of my images are " Lack Of Composition " and " Your Image Is Too Specific " and I must admit that I'm not sure what these two reason mean. If anybody could offer me some advice in this area I would greatly appreciate it and that way I can correct the mistake. Also I have no problem with constructive criticism so if you happen to be checking out any of my images feel free to fire away.

One more thing when any of my images are refused I've started donating them to the free image section . I feel by doing this it will help build up my portfolio and let other members see more of my images. Do you agree or disagree with this thought process ? Again feel free to fire away.

Photo credits: Harold W Bradley.

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The articles on composition have been very helpful. I know have 16 photo's on line and when I started 2 weeks ago, I really didn't believe I'd get 16 photo's online in only 2 weeks. I've also made my first two sales and I'm very excited about my prospects. Thanks to your help and by carefully studying other peoples photo's and also by paying close attention to why they refuse me, I'm improving everyday.


Hi Harold, check out this useful link Composition Articles


Hi I think I will give a fast reply as I understood these reasons...
Lake of composing: It's like the shot was not taken from the right angle, or the structure of the photo is week!!! You know the way you directed the shot.

As of the image is too specific DT looks for photos that might be used in various ways or editions, and maybe the use of your images is limited to a specific use or limited market!

Please if I'm mistaken correct me people!


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