Iphone APP for Model Release for Photographers

© Aughty

I carry my cell phone with me all over the world and along with it are 100s of useable apps to make organizing my lifestyle easier without relying heavily on my laptop to keep notes, etc. There are now electronic model releases made available for photographers for their Iphones, etc to make getting model releases easier (I don’t always carry model releases with me, but I do carry my cell phone everywhere). I won’t bore you with all the advantages and features that comes along with these apps, there are many.

My question is having not submitted any electronic signature to Dreamstime, I would like to know if anyone have submitted electronic signatures to Dreamstime? And would Dreamstime post somewhere on their website their thoughts on using these electronic model releases.

Photo credits: Aughty Venable.

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November 15, 2010


It is very beautiful!!!

November 15, 2010


On my iphone you can use your finger or a stylus pen. Since I don't like carrying anything on me, I ask that they use their finger. It looks like you were drunk or stone when you wrote it but it looks that way consistently, so it would be cool for IDing someone if needed. How often do we really have to have a model verify their signature?

November 14, 2010


How would the model sign an electronic form on your iphone? With his finger? Or does the iphone have a stylus just like the checkout where you sign your visa receipt?

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