iPhone Apps Addict

I am an iPhone applications addict. I didn't see it coming. I bought the iPhone because it is the Swiss Army knife of gadgets — a video iPod, phone and Web browser and more. But then I discovered what would become the source of many bleary-eyed nights: the iPhone applications store.

The apps are software programs you download to the phone to give it new features.

Apple says there are 25,000 apps for "just about anything." I set out to test that assertion, using only free apps, over the course of an entire day. (For help I used an app, naturally — BargainBin, which tells you what apps are free and which ones are on sale.)

At 7:00 a.m., my alarm clock app, goodNite Lite, wakes me with a gentle chord. Too gentle, some might say, so it's best to turn up the volume.

As I make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I tap the Pandora Radio app to listen to streamed music that I have programmed from one of my favorite musicians.

Should I wear a heavy coat? The Weather Channel app says it's 40 degrees, but expected to warm up in a few hours.

Where's the nearest Starbucks? My Yelp app tells me there's one on the way to work. I make a mental note to later jot down on Ace Budget Lite what I spent.

Then I glance at the AP Mobile News Network app and news offerings from Bloomberg, The New York Times and USA Today.

Lunch rolls around. I use the Lose It! app to record what I ate. It tracks my calorie intake and calories expended through exercise. It records my weight and plots a graph of how that is trending.

Back home, I kick off my shoes and tap What's On TV? Netflix? I scan my queue through PhoneFlix. The DVD is in the mail.

I look at what's playing in the theaters nearby through Flixter. I can wait for the DVD. At least I can listen to sitcom sound effects through Canned Ham. There are three kinds of laughter, applause, boos, the "aww cute" sound and drum roll. After a hard day's work, I could use some applause.

For entertainment, I play free games I downloaded. "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Lite" is a sample of the full version, which you have to buy. It's cool to hear the "Star Wars" theme and see the trademark scroll moving in space. What about older video games such as Pac Man, sure thing!

Winding down my day, I look for something to read, so I tap the Kindle e-book app from Amazon.com. But it tells me to load books first through the Amazon Web site. Bummer.

Stanza is a better reading app; it lets you buy books directly from your iPhone.

Before I hit the pillow, I listen to Custom Hypnosis Lite. A soothing voice tells me to relax and surprisingly, I do. I'm glad it doesn't tell me to do anything strange.

After a day of wall-to-wall apps, I'm amazed at all the things the iPhone can do outside of phone calls. Now if only my iPhone can do my taxes. Wait. There's probably an app for that.

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Your article must be written in English



I had to return to ask if you remember your childrens' names? :-)

I think your brain may be working in overload mode, take another vacation....


Hi Richard, didn't Steve Jobs read this Blog??? I guess once you get addicted to Mac Products its hard. Iphone is the one missing in my collection of Apple Products. I read this blog just coz I love Apple.


OMG, Richard!!!

I'm such a simple person that I just had to get the "rollie-pollies" out of my kayak today to go out and enjoy the things I'm addicted to.
I don't have an ipod, an iphone, a Blackberry, and don't really know how to make this computer do too much! :-)) Give me a bicycle, the Appalachian trail, some water falls and mountains, maybe a beach once in a while. Throw in some friends and family and shake it up......

Be very careful of that hypnosis thing, too...your wife may learn how to program it!


Very good Richard...I remember a time, way back in the dark ages, and I had just heard about this new thing called "email"! :)

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