IR Photography, any other way of creating this?

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I read an article on Infrared Photography aka IR Photography. Filters are difficult to get and very expensive.

Has anyone achieved a similar, although probably not as perfect, effect with software or using other equipment?

And no lol, I won't be stripping my camera and making it a only IR. Although I did hear that some of the older SLR's allow for it? I could get a second hand SLR, but I don't know.

Any opinions on this?

For anyone else who doesn't know what IR Photography is take a look at this page

It just creates such an ethereal and sometimes spooky look. I like anything different, it takes the mind away from the ordinary.

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April 06, 2012


@Risto40, thanks for commenting. I appreciate any and all input because I really love this effect. Think I'll go try it out today :-D. Have copied and saved the info, thanks! :-D

April 05, 2012


Haven't tried it out, but maybe in photoshop, create black&white filter (as a layer) and then on this layer choose from the drop-down list "Infrared". Depending on picture, sometimes it creates black and white image that looks like IR photo. Then, you can add toning filter (i.e. saturation filter and check the toning check-box) and play with opacity. Then add saturation/variation filter and for example put variation to -60 and saturation to +60. Also you can add curve layer which is attached to toning layer to modify color tone contrast.
I've tried this and that filters and some of them together, but not all together. So, it's just a suggestion what to try. Not sure if it works... :)

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