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Iraq from a soldier's point of view

The new editorial license was one of the most exciting additions here at DT for me. I have hundreds of images from my tour in Iraq that will offer newsworthy images of Iraq from a soldier's point of view. I have just begun to get themuploaded, but hope that this collection of images offers a unique perspective that will give editors the ability to show what is REALLY going on in Iraq.

With education, security, and the rebuilding of the Iraqi infrastruction being big issues in Iraq, I can spread the word about how coalition forces are going about aiding that country in accomplishing its goals.

I know other Microstock agencies have editorial licenses, but I have decided to make my editorial use images exclusive to DT.

Photo credits: Jason Schulz.

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February 18, 2008


It is more important now than ever to let the world know what is really going on. It would be a shame to desert the cause so many have fought and died for.

February 18, 2008


I think that this new license is a great way to share this kind of info. Thank for serving and I look forward to seeing more photos from you!

February 18, 2008


Thanks for sharing...My husband is in Iraq right now and will be there until May or this year.

February 15, 2008


Wonderful and amazing pictures! Thank you so much for your efforts in making the world a much better place. I will always appreciate the risks you have gone to. May your portfolio grow ever bigger! Thank you! Gabe

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