Before and After Irene - Quechee Covered Bridge

One of my first accepted photos on Dreamstime was from the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. It showed one of the hot air balloons floating over the Quechee Covered Bridge.

Just recently I uploaded a picture of the same bridge destroyed by the power of water from tropical storm Irene. The road leading to the bridge on both sides is washed away.

To think on Monday NBC actually had a panel discussing whether or not the storm was "over hyped" because some New York City dwellers were inconvenienced.

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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September 13, 2011


I saw an article in the local paper that was talking about the tons of gawkers or lookies who have been coming to the area checking out the flood damage.

Some residents are getting rather irritated especially ones with houses right near major roads. One flood victim has been asked to give tours of their flooded basement! In another case people set up lawn chairs to watch a house get cleaned out.

I can't blame them for being ticked off at people coming to the area not to help out but to just watch. Although, it is through these people that the rest of the world gets to see just how bad the damage is and hopefully will donate to the relief effort.

Enterprising people will take advantage of these "disaster tourists" and set up tours, sell t-shirts, sell special bottle water etc. The area is used to leaf peepers driving around this time of year, time to think outside the box and apply a little money extraction techniques to this different sort of tourist?

September 04, 2011


Hopefully they'll be able to save what remains of this beautiful heritage bridge.

September 03, 2011


So sad to see the destruction. My prayers are for the safety and quick recovery for all affected.

September 02, 2011


Great images, too bad Irene did so much damage.

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