The ironic nature of photo competition today

It suddenly struck my mind about this issue even though I did think about it before some time back.

I am in this nikon club for nikon camera users in singapore hence

I am using this as an example rather that directing it at the above mention. Have we wondered about the photo competition today? For example, the prize is a nikon coolpix compact camera. In the club, the users vary from compact to DSLRs.

The challenge simply put across is quite simple, DSLR may not necessary 'thrash' a compact camera's abilities because the user is equally as important. However, speaking of technical abilities, the DSLR gives much more freedom to manipulate the settings.

Bokeh, long exposures and star effects are some to say. Compact cameras might find it hard to compete head on. Yet, people like me still take part in the photo competition for the experience, fun and challenge of a competition.

Is it ironic we are using DSLR to stand a chance to win a compact camera instead? Besides taking up the challenge of the competition, is the value of the prize a factor we should consider in taking part in these competition in the very-cheap-digital camera world today?

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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November 15, 2007


sure it is, but winning is a bonus :D

November 09, 2007


haha of course. some contest cost in the printing of the pictures and if that is for small camera is not worth it. i too wanted to have a compact camera for convenient sake but decided not to and to let my sister have it instead. i'll still glady bear the weight and burden of a dslr haha

November 08, 2007


Well, if you have to pay to enter the contest, than the value of the prize should be considered a factor. If its not worth it, then why bother? But if you don't have to pay to enter, than any prize is cool... if someone gave me any camera, I'd take it gladly.

The funny thing is that even though I shoot with a DSLR I bought a point and shoot for unexpected moments so I'll never be caught without a camera when I don't want to lug around my professional gear. And of course out of 20,000 photos I took on my trip to Europe last year, and the however many I've taken in my lifetime; my little compact captured my favorite picture ever. And although it didn't win, I still entered it in the national geographic travel photography contest.

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