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hi my friends I was thinkin' about my last images, some isolated pictures of different things and subjects I've taken to test my new lighting equipment.

I've realized that i have not processed them with photoshop beacuse they don't need it...

i've tried two simple tricks to get a great amazing white background!

you only need a couple of flash and a white bed sheet.

for these images i've placed a flash with softener on the subject, I've moved it to find the right position where diffuse light falling on the subject at the right exposure using it at 1/4 power. (a white reflector was positioned on the other side of the subject)

then I've placed the second flash behind the subject aimed at the white bed sheet using it at 1/1 power.

two lights of different power hit the scene, the first soft on the subject, the second at full power on the white background surely makes it overexposed...

don't place the model close to the bed sheet to prevent strange reflextions

in this situation I've tried another tip to get the perfect white over and under the straw basket! usually there are shadows under every object placed on a white paper sheet so... let's try to lift it!

i've put the straw basket on an empty water glass using the same flash set I've prepared before.

the glass really disapper during the shot, the subject is floating in the air and the white you see over and under the straw basket is the white bed sheet lighted by the full power flash!

just simple tips,

I hope they may be useful to photographers

that love stay behind their cameras

but don't like stay in front of their pc....

have a nice day

Photo credits: Lorenzo Gambaro.

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November 08, 2012


Great tips. I'll give it a try. So, the strobe on the sheet is powerful enough, with a broad enough beam, to cancel out all the wrinkles in the sheet? Nice.

November 08, 2012


calyx22 you can do it with a couple of flash, i'm using strobes now but I've always done the same way with flashes
alexa_adrian i'm writing a post about studio lightning, i will publish it on my blog, I'm using now two/three strobes 180w and white backgrounds, bed sheet, seamless paper, white boards...

November 08, 2012


Great tips ... thanks for sharing!

November 03, 2012


Do you think I could achieve this with just two flashes, both used off camera? It sounds like a GREAT inexpensive way to isolate shots. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

October 31, 2012


Thanks for sharing!very nice.

October 26, 2012


nice tips ;) Can you write me a list of lightning equipment that you are talking about, maybe that you could even take a photo of all your scenery :) I don't know how could sent to me, am I allowed to write my email address, I don't know the rules yet :|

October 19, 2012


thanks for sharing >>> nice shoots

October 14, 2012


Thanks for sharing, good tips.

October 13, 2012


Hello! The results are really impressive, thanks for sharing your experience! Take care! Catherine

October 11, 2012


Can't wait to try it out......thank you so much!!

October 10, 2012


Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!

October 10, 2012


Great tips, thanks for sharing!

October 10, 2012



October 09, 2012


Great tips, thanks for sharing

October 09, 2012


Good tips! Thank you. How far in front of the background did you put your model?

October 09, 2012


Nice tips and good pics!

October 09, 2012


Thanks for writing, great tips!!

October 09, 2012


good tips. I really have to buy some studio equip.

Nice job!!!

October 09, 2012


nice simple tricks! thanks!

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