isolated on "BLACK" ?

What do you guys think of photos/objects isolated over a black background.

I have a good amt of isolated on white but none on black, until now.

What im wondering is it better ~ the same ~ or worse to isolate on black? . . . or another color?

I have read that designers prefer a photo on white cause its easier to extract the item, is this true?

Anyway when I was processing the attached pic i thought it would look better on black so that’s my first on black pic. What so you think?

© Zenpix

curious to hear what everyone thinks.


Photo credits: Zenpix.

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April 08, 2010


Thanks everyone for responding and the great suggestions/info.

I did not expect so much feedback, im greatfull for all the opinions!

Considering all the responces ~ i guess its something we have all thought about before.

I guess unless the immage screams for a black background i will stick to white.

Because when its all said and done the designers buying our work have the last say and it appears that most of us belive the designers prefer "on white" for the ease of extraction. And i will give them what they want, im sure we all would.

BTW: This particular immage i knew right away black would make it pop better then white. At the time i did not give it much thought, i just did it on black, and then started to think about it.

Thanks again,

April 07, 2010


I prefer white, but sometimes, some objects I want isolate have some kind of background I need to remove with the PS pen tool and it looks better in black than in white, dark backgrounds or so. When I specific shoot isolated I do in white

April 07, 2010


When I am shooting in black and white, I prefer over black. For most situations , I still prefer over white.
You see more dls for over white simply because there's more isolations over white. And like everyone has said, 1)it gives you more flexibility
2) isolation over white can also pose more problems than over black.
Still, yes, it's really your call and which one you're faster with. Remember the time you spend on one image vs returns of earning matters a lot , esp when you're working on bulk .

April 07, 2010


People say that white background isolations are demanded by buyers, but from my experience I didn't notice that they have more sales that other images. So if image looks ok the way it was taken, I don't bother with isolation just for isolation purpose. As for black background it's easy to get it just by shooting without cutting out the object. So why not? Though as a buyer I also selected a couple of pictures isolated on white because of simplicity of inserting them into design.

April 07, 2010


don't really know what colors (black or white) could work better,but think it depends more on what color your object is and look for the more contrast you can obtain isolating it on a background

April 07, 2010


Great image. I think this one is looking better on black, and personally I don't think the color of the background matters too much, it depends of the color of the object only. You can extract an image from what color you want...

April 07, 2010


White is better for designer and also more difficult is to isolate object on white than on black

April 07, 2010


I agree with Kat. White is better for designer to work on the picture and extract the object, but some ligh coloured or white objects seem poor on white. Also I think a picture like the one above can be extract easily on black then on white.

April 07, 2010


I agree with everyone. I think it's easier for the clients to extract on a white background, but certain items look better on black. Black will, depending on the object being photographed, reduce some detail and cause the image to look a little flat. However, in the example picture, I think black was definitely the right color. It just imagines what you're shooting.

April 07, 2010


IMHO it will very much depend on the contrasting foreground, which in this particular image, black is preferable.

April 07, 2010


I would imagine that White is better as designer can work more freely and yes 'extract' the image for his requirement

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