Isolated Objects with clipping path

I am newly joined Dreamstime three months back.

I have only 124 images on line sales of 95 sales.

My acceptation ratio is 98.4 %.( Only 2 images rejected for the reason of similar shots.)

There are many reasons a buyer download our images. Good quality, conceptual, requirement, isolated and finally good keywords. I think the isolated images are selling very well in stock agencies. Most of my images are isolated with clipping path. It is very use for the buyers who downloaded our images for his design works to change the background color.

I am using photoshop to remove the background of my images and save with clipping paths.

1). Zoom the image 200%

2). Select pen tool, and draw the accurate outline.

3). Press Control Enter (or) make selection

4). Select Feather (Alt + Ctrl + D) amount 1 to 1.5

5). Duplicate the selected area (Ctrl + J)

6). Delete the background layer

7). Make any color correction or contrast brightness

8). Make load selection in Select menu.

9). Open the path palette. (Window menu then Paths)

10). In path palette (right top) make work path and save the path

11). Save the file in high quality JPEG format.

12). Now our image is ready to Upload.

This is my procedure for making clipping path.

This is the secret of my Acceptance ratio.

Any Users have the other tips for isolating with clipping path will be welcome.

Photo credits: Nilabarathi.

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August 02, 2011


Great blog. Thanks!

March 20, 2010


gr8 tips.....thanks 4 sharing...!

June 11, 2009


Nilabarathi, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I've been struggling trying to isolate objects, I'll give this a try. Thanx again.

April 06, 2009


Hi Nilabarathi,
Thanks for the tutorial, very nice portfolio you are building.
Wish you the best luck!

April 04, 2009


Great tutorial. I'm not clear though on "delete background layer" I don't seem to have any success on this step. You don't mention layers in your procedure, what am I missing. All the other steps are very clear.

January 22, 2009



Thanks for this infos, watchout my portfolio is up with a lot of isolated image.


January 22, 2009


Thank you so much!! I was about to plunge into the internet to find a way to save the clipping path into a jpg... I heard something about it but had no clue how to do it. You saved me loooootttts of time!!!

January 21, 2009


great advice, thx for sharing. Are all of your images that you isolate with a clipping path shot on a white background or does it vary?!?

September 23, 2008


Hi - thanks for the tips - im new to this and wanted to give it a go..currently have an older version of adobe (photoshop 4) - just need to make sense of your instructions....once ive used the pencil tool to draw an outline you said i then need to make a selection or press control enter - when i press control enter (nothing happens) - so how do i make a selection before moving onto selecting the feather tool - if i go to select the feather tool it is unselectable? Make sense??

September 18, 2008


This method actually works! I am only interested in, whether the size of the path is adjusts to all sizes of images that Dreamstime offers. IMHO very nice works!

September 03, 2008


Thank you for sharing that information with everyone. It is appreciated. :) Congrats on your success. Wishing you many more sales.

September 02, 2008


Thanks. Good information for sharing the new lesson. Bravo..

September 02, 2008


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Nilabarathi !

August 24, 2008


Congrats on a very successful portfolio and acceptance ratio too!!! nice shots above too! thanks for the tips, i will definitely have to try them!

August 23, 2008


Thank you. This is the best and quickest tut for isolating.


August 23, 2008


Thank you for the information. Will give it a try with some of my new images of golfers. Cheers marilyn

August 23, 2008


Cool blog!!!! Simply and perfectly!
It was pleasant to me ;)

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