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One of the subjects I've learned more from is about isolating objects, still life...

I always try to get daylight or good light. Since I'm not a pro and I don't have a photography studio, I do what I can.

I got a large pure white fabric completely plain with no wrinkles, I fix it into a wall or plain surface (horitzontal and vertical). This is the background.

© Dgm007
Then I bought a pair of little table lamps and good white light bulbs.

© Igors

Then illuminate your subject taking care of no getting harsh shadows, illuminate all of it, play with the position of the lamps.

In the camera menus(I use a compact digital, Canon Powershot G9) you can play with the white balance , create a personalized balance or take a light bulb one. If you camera is able to shoot in RAW, it's high strongly recommended to use it and retouch levels and white balance, color temperature,etc.

If not, try to adjust it in your camera.

Photo credits: Dmitriy Melnikov, Igor Sinitsyn, Popa Sorin.

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August 07, 2008


thank you!! shots are not mine, I took them to illustrate my article :):)))

August 04, 2008


great shots and helpful info regarding the pics too! thanks!!

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