Isolation and the use of white space.

Hi everyone.

Ive noticed a fair few of the really great isolated images (objects by them selves) have something in common.

They all have a really strong white area.

Background at times can as important to perfecting an image, as the other criteria. ie composition, exposure, white balance and so on.

These 'ebay' or gradient images are pivotal in creating a balance for making those images and points of interest POP.

© Maxfx
This is a great example of a high temperature colour like orange, and how isolating it against a white background can make the colour seem so much more alive.

Also take this example.

This then expands on the isolation concept. By providing reflections and subtle shadows, while yet being 'isolated' this image gives the object(s) a place in the world, while still maintaining a single focal point.

So how to do we get this effect.

There really are only two options.

1) Spend forever in Photoshop =(

2) Spend a few dollars and get some of the following items.

+ Light tent - Wonderful for isolation. be sure to get some desktop lights to keep up the exposure levels.

+ Pure white serving and dinner plates. These remove the need to well remove the underneath of the object. Also leaving some wonderful soft shadows

+ Cheap A5 Photo Frame and white cloth - Remove the glass from the frame and have the object sitting on the glass. Have the cloth underneath the glass and running upwards behind to fill complete background of image.

Putting some to all of these items together can help minimize much of the time consuming post production process. Plus this can help with white balancing and removes unwanted distractions from the image.

Not every object works best with isolation, but they are definately worth looking into.

Note: i would like to give thanks for Maxfx and Pepo123 for some quality images to use within this Blog.

Photo credits: Maxfx, Petar Milevski.

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September 10, 2007


Something else that works well is to photograph the objects on a seamless white paper or vinyl background. These are great at reflecting the light back, creating a pure white background.

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