Isolations for beginners

Now something I said I wanted to learn to do in 2009 was to be able to improve on my isolation images. I came across the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop and even though it took me ages to do the outcome was quite good and its very easy to do.

I would recommend the use of this tool for people starting out in isolations if you dont have a light studio. Obviously it can only be used on images with clear lines and the colours are completely different from the background but I would definately suggest to have a go and try. Feather to 1 pixel aswell to prevent from any jagged edges on the image

This is the outcome of my first attempt using it

Have a go and see how you get on


Photo credits: Ant May.


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Congrats on your success, but do learn how to use the pen tool. It goes much faster. With the pen tool, the penguin image that you show would take me about 3 minutes. Plus you can work on any image - you arent restricted by backgrounds. The bonus is you can then include a clipping path with your file.


Thank you. I am the worst at these photo programs. It looks really great. Thank you also to the others who commented. :)


Very interesting!! I was trying to extract something from a photo just the other day for the website I maintain. It didn't turn out quite right, so I ended up photographing it with white paper behind it. It would probably have saved me some time if I had been able to extract it.


Well I prefer pen tool, it takes time but the results are good. Also at times I use a plugin from Onone which does a great job

Well Anthony, the image is come out good.

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