Israeli Fall Colors

It's October 31st. Today was the first heavy rains in Israel. We are still in what's considered Fall season.

In a recent post I mentioned the fall a little, but it was more general overview of possible locations and what's special in each area. In this post I'd like to show more examples of what I call ""Israel Fall colors".

The widest spread color of our coming fall is... White - Starting Mid September until mid October, the harvest of cotton is coloring the fields of Israel in white bales scattered with glowing colors of orange and red from the plastic covers of the bales.

These gives you various ways to documents them, you can play with the repetitive square shapes of the bales

Cotton Bales#2

Or you can try and photograph them with cloudy skies (quite common in these months).

Cotton Bales#3

Or you can shoot from a short distance and wide angle lens to try and give a different perspective.

Cotton Bales#4

Whatever you choose, cotton is pretty widespread in Israel and can give you lots of stock opportunities ( just refrain from shooting cotton fields, with ~97,000 images, I doubt if anyone will notice new images).

Another typical color of Fall in Israel is the dry earth colors, Israel has about 5 (sometimes up to 7) months of dry season, this means that the dominant colors are ranging from dark brown to dry yellow. This creates a nice contrast with the light colors of the skies, especially with clouds in them. This is a nice set up to shoot all kind of stock images from portraits to agriculture related stock images (like the sample below).

Barn Owl Nest Box

Israel's trees are mainly evergreen and also contrast the red-brown colors of the ground. Since a lot of them mentioned in the bible, you can shoot nice scenic stocks with added values to Religious customers.

Holy Land Series - Ceratonia siliqua (Carob Tree)

Holy Land Series -Old Olive Trees #2

Last but not least, since we don't have the vast forests of New England, and our trees go from green to yellow to bare branches and our sky is mostly clear, try to add colors to the photo by using colorful elements in the frame. Happy Halloween.

Holy Land Series - Kibbutz fall colors

Sky full of Baloons #5

Photo credits: Amitai.

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November 04, 2014


Colorful Israel. Love the last one skyfull of balloons. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.. .:)

November 03, 2014


Nice to know a little about Israel, I had no idea it had cotton fields. And what a nice cloudy sky!

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