Italian terraced gardens(1)

The Italian terrace garden was popular during the Renaissance, which was used to satisfy the desire of rich and powerful people to live outdoors in a beautiful environment.

The terrace garden takes several successive layers of floor layout, which gives the garden an attractive spatial effect.

The central axis of the Italian terraced gardens is a large, gentle slope From the platform to the viewing gallery. Dolphin fold on both sides of the water column, the middle is the centipede shape stone sinks, constitute a series plunge landscape. The second floor is an oval square, with two curved steps surrounding a transparent water spray ball, spraying water into the middle water. In the middle of it is a huge bowl of water, which flows down from the waterfall and falls on a dish. Water bowl around each have a river god statue, holding the horns, leaning against the water bowl, guarding the water scene and the viewing gallery.

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Photo credits: Xin He.

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