Its all about the place. Insights about my best sales.

sunset cypress swamp

Like many of you, I have been trying to figure out the magical formula for keywording. Other articles profess the benefits of third party keyword finders, SEO, and other such topics. I've reviewed my earning reports from this site and others looking for patterns. I've read other blog articles. Until today, I could not figure out what made some of my images sell while others continue to sit on the shelf.

flying into San Francisco National Airport

Today it hit me...its all about the place. The photo above sold today and the buyer searched for "Oakland airport". Its title is "flying into San Francisco National Airport". I looked through my sales, nearly 2/3 of the buyers searched for a place when they bought my photograph. (I'm estimating the percentage). Going forward, I will try to always include various places in my keywords and titles.

Georgia swamp

The buyer for the photo above searched for "Flowers in Georgia state" another one searched for "bayou South Carolina". This same photograph has been uploaded elsewhere describing the flowers and scenery with less success. I am not sure whether there is a difference between including the words in the title or the keywords yet.

sunset in the swamps of the Florida Everglades

The photograph above sold after a buyer searched for "New Orleans", "Louisiana", Florida", and other states. One thing I have done is diversify the places that I include in the photographs. The same photograph can include several states, a city, the name of a park or other location identifiers. If the photograph does not have any specific identifiers, this diversification allows buyers searching for different locations to land upon your photographs. The example below has sold for "Louisiana", "Florida" and other southern locations.

Armed with this knowledge, I am confident that my future uploads will be more successful than before. Let me know whether you've had similar experiences. I am interested to know if this holds true with others.

Photo credits: Jaimie Tuchman.

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December 06, 2019


I always add the place name but not a big variety of nearby places. Maybe it's a mistake to be too exact in the description but wouldn't it be a lie if you send one place in a different state?

December 04, 2019


Very interesting! Thanks for the tip!

December 02, 2019


Thank you Very helpful Lila kate

December 02, 2019


great text, thanks for sharing!

November 23, 2019


thanks for the advice.  I'm an artist and would like information on how to sell my paintings on the computer.Mary

November 15, 2019


Thank you for this usefull article.

November 13, 2019


Very useful article!  Thanks for sharing!

November 13, 2019


I too from time to time try to go through my sales and see what buyers searched for. Most of the time is something generic like "dog" or "swamp", but many times they get specific about a breed, species of wildlife (i.e. "Great Pyrenees" and "rabid raccoon" or, as you write, a place name like "Asheville" or "Okefenokee". So I try to keyword from specific to general with each photo. Thanks for writing! William

November 11, 2019


Jamie it's a very intrsting idea you put into the game, thanks for share the tips!...(and useful buttom pressed for sure!) 

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