Its is all in the stats

Statistics are both a curse and a blessing in my opinion. Now matter how hard I try not to I obsessively view my stats on a daily basis trying to figure out my progress. The stats, however, can tell a different story depending upon how you look at them.

Take this month for example. Sales and revenue wise this is my worst month this year but my RPD is doing well. If I look at the stats on a 13 month basis the story is not good with lots of peaks and valleys but if I switch to the quarterly view I get a nice steady upward trend on my sales and revenue.

So basically the stats are what you make of them. Do not get too down into the weeds or it will drive you crazy. I think from now on I am going to stick with the quarterly view. It makes me feel better.

Photo credits: Macrocozm.

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June 27, 2011


Stat's are hard to ignore, I try and go a day or two without checking my stuff on here... it's like an addiction of sorts, I often then find it impossible not to just pop on here and bang there goes another hour or so....

June 27, 2011


Yes the stats look pretty bad for me too this month. Since September 2010 I haven`t had so many lows. Let`s hope all will come back to normal some day :P

June 27, 2011


Do not think the statistics go forward in small steps, good luck!!!

June 27, 2011


That´s nice! I wish you good luck in sales and do not let the stats drive you crazy ;)))) LOL!

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