Its going to be a sexy Easter!


I love these photos of Easter sexiness. It is a lot of fun to get a model and take something traditional and play around with it. I thought this photo shoot was a good balance of cute and sexy.


Photo credits: Acesarek.
  • Acesarek

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It is really just been to be fun and cute, you don't have to buy them if you don't like them.. Christian "Easter" isn't really about bunnies and candy anyhow. But if you look at the real roots of Easter you would find the Spring Equinox, which does celebrate fertility and reproduction, so maybe the images aren't so far off...

"Pagan roots of Easter lie in celebrating the spring equinox, for millennia an important holiday in many religions. Celebrating the beginning of spring may be among the oldest holidays in human culture. Occurring every year on March 20, 21, or 22, the spring equinox is the end of winter and beginning of spring. Biologically and culturally, it represents for northern climates the end of a “dead” season and the rebirth of life, as well as the importance of fertility and reproduction."


Well Im bit straight forward, I don't like to mix, sex and sexy with All Mighty. As I read in other blog, what is Easter is all about, so a girl half naked doesn't really resemble scared. A good picture, when its related with Easter I don't think its justified. I'm not a Christian but I don't endorse this. As a buyer myself for any artwork of Easter i will not prefer this image. Sorry dude, this is my view.


She is better than the easter bunny my mother told me about :0) Nice images.