Its was happening for everybody in DT except me................. but today it happened.

Well I have been waiting since one year for this to happen, to sell my one image as extended license. I read lots of blog about other contributors selling, so I was thinking why not me in this club, why not me........

But kept waiting, as dreaming in dreamstime comes true but you need to have patience, but how long man....... So today so many things came true in DT. First my W-EL sale, then reached 500 download mark, then my seventh pay check and then 5 downloads in a day, Touchwood. Meanwhile with these downloads some images climbed up the level order. What better could DT do to bring the smile in my face. I was totally low today as our company I'm working for said we will get two months unpaid leave. Was thinking how will I manage two months without income. I need to go back to India for a short vacation, complete some freelance projects.

Now with this sales booster from DT, another door is opened for this two months layoff, shoot, shoot, shoot. (which I love most)

True when Allah shuts one door he simultaneously opens few other door.

Thanks DT and thanks all the well wishers here and most importantly thanks to all buyers who are opening many others doors.

This is the image which downloaded today for 50 Credits as W-EL

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Congratulations.... :) I hope i can make the one....


Im so glad that people are still commenting on this blog, thanks to each and everyone who is reading this blog and taking time to comment. This is one of the best thing to happen in DT


Congratulations, very encouraging words for others who are waiting. Best of luck with your 2 month opportunity to shoot, shoot, shoot. An old saying 'everything happens for a reason', sometimes hard to see why. This I believe is your opportunity. Karen




congrats on the sale, i cant wait till it happens for me


Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your story with others!


Congratulations, and may the 2 months turn out to be a blessing.


Congratulations! that's good news to people like me who are still waiting:) Wish you even better times!


congratulations and I wish you many more.I am still waiting.I will be patience.Take care and shoot shoot shoot


Thanks to each and every friend for you good wishes. I'm very glad to know that I have so many well wishers here.


Congratulations!, on your big sales and hopefully many more to follow!!!!


Congratulations! I wish you many more sales - which I'm sure you will achieve with the extra time to focus on creative endeavors.


HUGE congratulations to you! That is very exciting and much deserved:)


Congrats on this sale, however sorry to hear of your temporary situation, hopefully there will be many more sales and more like this one to compensate for you salary losses.


Please accept my envy congratulations! ;)


Oh now my happiness has doubled, the best wishes and the lovely messages from you all has increased my happiness and made me to forget about the temporary lay off.


Happy with you! Best wishes and lots of W-ELs to you in the future! :)




Congratulations! Nice work!


Congratulations and with growth in dreamstime come more downloads and more income you are the master of your own destiny keep up the good work. Peter


Congratulations! I'm sure this is the first of many!


A very happy surprise indeed, wishing you many more!


Forgot to say something about my company - we also are not paid last months ... I thought it's only us but maybe not.
You know that cleaners are paid less than others in a company, so DT could do something about us and hire us as database cleaners :))))


Oooooo. Congratulations!!! I wish you many, many, many more W-ELs in the future!


Congrats for all the good news today! And many W-ELs in future :)


Congratulations and I wish you to live this nice emotion many, many times :-)


Congratulations! Good luck with more images in the future!


Congratulations! I hope it is the first of many!


Good luck at work!



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