Its working!!!

My previous blog post was about testing the waters and deciding to start selling more seriously... well it has worked. It is slow but it is moving. I am grateful to those who have supported me and given the the encouragement to carry on pushing forward and sell more images and get more ready to sell.

Thank you also to all those that put up such great images that inspire and create the need to want to develop more and learn more to achieve greater things.

Lets see how it goes from here.

It's been a bit quiet on my side as I have been incredibly busy at work and huge deadlines. At least things seem to have calmed down and I can get some more time to myself after work and process more images.

Kogel Bay Landscape

Photo credits: Ian Kitney.

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Thank you very much guys, much appreciated!


This would be a GREAT product to advertise on the ECA site of SFI. It has an enormous following and will do the advertising for you with no up-front costs. They will charge on the back end but only after you have the sale ... so what I would call a win/win! The site is for entrepreneurs and one of the things that is helpful to those seeking wealth is to visualize your dreams. I cannot think of anything that will help better. Simply outstanding photos!

Check out the e-commerce site to help boost sales.


I believe that those great captures deserves sales. Best luck!


Great stuff...keep it up cuz!! Nice shot this one as well.


Nice picture! It's very beautiful!


Great images! Keep on uploading and you will see many more sales!

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