Jade buddha

Hi all, just wanted to show my latest editorial photos.

But I only have one accepted so far.

© Zenpix

Its the unvieling of the jade buddha in tampa florida.

Here is a link if you want info on it.


The above pic was the first test photo, to make sure i had all the editorial info correct before i upload the entire batch.

I have about 6 more under review. I will blog again when they are ready.

*Since these blogs are supposed to be informative ~ here is my little top for the newbees like me.

It is very discouraging when you upload 10 pix and they all get rejected cause you goofed on something like... the description, keywords, or maybe you uploaded it as RF instead of editorial.

Been there done that :)

So, my tip is upload a test photo before your large batch and if it makes it your good to go with the rest.

Doing this will prevent lots of heart ach, wasted time, and mumbling to yourself.

And most importantly


Hope you like the pic and the tip helps some.


Photo credits: Zenpix.

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