Japanese Photographer - Killed in the line of duty

Photojournalists who, in every way put their news coverage before their lives, is it all worthwhile?

The current situation in Yangon not only cost the government an image badly damaged, it took a life of a fellow photographer in our photography community.

Whether or not he was intentionally shot to death, the Japanese photographer was merely trying to get his points across to the whole world in the form of an image.

Yet, the now widespread image of the situation is of him lying wounded and dead on the streets of Yangon, protesters fleeing the scene and a soldier moving on from where he laid.

An image of a beautiful place and strong Buddhism backing country is now tarnished with bloodshed over rising price.

We can never answer for now whose fault it lies with for both sides caused problems of their own.

We can only pray less to no innocent lives will be taken as of today. However, like said, we can only pray, reality is cruel and within our means, we hope what we see will quickly walk itself into pages of history.

RIP: to those who lost their lives

Photo credits: Mark Frank Van Overmeire.

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September 28, 2007


i hope so too and everyone wishes the same too i believe! peace!

September 28, 2007


Lets hope something good can come from this horrible situation, hopefully it will be a turning point and be end to the killing.

September 28, 2007


to me its just a sad thing that someone doing something for the others got to pay with his life :(

September 28, 2007


It matters not what flag you fight for when it's covering your dead body.


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