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Jasper is the largest rocky mountain national park in Canada. Lying along the eastern slope of the rockies, this park is surrounded by the British Columbia's Mount Robson on the west, and the Banff national park on the south. Since it's pretty convenient to get there from the city edmonton (350 km, 3.5 hours drive), I have visited this beautiful park for many times.

The following pictures show some typical scenes around the jasper town. From left to right:

1, This is the bird view of the jasper town from the mountain whistler. it can be reached by tramway or hiking if you wish (2.5 hours to to summit). The town is small, in winter it has maybe only 3000 people, but in summer (hot season for tourism, June to September), the population can be more than 30,000 people...!!!

2, Spring view of the highway 2 outside of the town, it connects edmonton and jasper.

3, Summer view of the highway 2.

4, Summer view of the medicine lake, it disappears in winter and shows again in summer, ancient indians say that the water in this lake is like medicine and can make you young forever, forever? well, I don't know...

5, Pyramid lake, it's just outside of the town, another beautiful alpine lake with the snow peak of the mountain Edith Cavell.

6, Mountain view from the cruising boat in maligne lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in canadian rockies. This lake is narrow and over 20 km's long, taking the cruise boat you can reach the famous spirit island.

I'd love to introduce more about this park later. Currently if you are interested in this park, take a look at the collection: Jasper national park - jasper town area

Photo credits: Fallsview.

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April 25, 2008


looks like a beautiful place on the world. great shot

April 24, 2008


I have been to Jasper a few times, makes me want to go visit again!

April 24, 2008


Those are fantastic shots of what looks like a fantastic place.

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