Java Photo Upload problems? Solution here! to comment on this previous blog concerning a Java problem when uploading photos on DT.

I found I too was having a problem when trying to upload photos on DT after installing the new Java version. I have Windows 7 32-bit. I installed the requested/required new version of Java. After installation, the Java coffee cup icon would continue to circle endlessly. It froze my computer, in which the only solution was to restart. The previous blog had suggested that it may be DT that is not able to support this new Java version, a few suggestions were given on how to overcome this (ie. upload using FTP), but I found a solution. If this is happening to you here's what fixed my's the window 7 firewall.

1) Click "Start"

2) Open "Control Panel"

3) click on green "System and Security"

4) Click on green "Window Firewall"

5) on Left, click "Allow a Program or feature through Windows Firewall"

6) Click on "Change Settings" (shaded out, after clicking all are able to be selected)

7) scroll down and look for "Java (TM) Web start Launcher"

8) check the box, click "ok"

OR if you don't see the "Java (TM) Web start Launcher"

6) Click on "Change Setting"

7) Click "Allow another Program" (at the bottom of the list)

8) Another window will open, has a list of programs, BUT Java is probably NOT there

9) click "Browse", at bottom of list next to path search bar

10) Another window opens, you need to find the Java path

C:Program Files (x86)OracleJavaFX 2.1 Runtimebin

11) on left, click "Computer"

12) a drop down list will open, click "Local Disk (C:)"

13) a drop down list will open, click "Program File (x86)"

14) a drop down list will open, scroll down, click on "Oracle"

15) a drop down list will open, click on "JavaFX 2.1 Runtime"

16) a drop down list will open, click on "bin"

17) a drop down list will open, look at the files on the right, click on "javaws"

18) javaws will highlight, once highlighted click on "open"

19) that window will close and you'll see the "add program window"

20) scroll to find the "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher", select and highlight

21) click "Add" at bottom of list

22) that window will close, now you should see the list of programs with check boxes next to them

23) find "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher" and make sure there is a check in the box on the left and a check in the "Public" box

24) Click "ok"

25) that window will close and bring you back to the "Windows Firewall" window, just hit the "X" on top right corner to close the window.

THAT'S IT! Restart you're computer, go to DT website and you should now be able to upload your photos! I'll keep an eye on this post and see if there are anymore problems you guys may have that i could help with...

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August 28, 2012


I also temporarily disabled firewall and it works !!!

August 28, 2012


Thanks a lot! It was very helpful for me.

August 25, 2012


Great advice - I temporarily disabled firewall and it works - you pointed me to right direction - Thank you!

August 23, 2012


Had the same problem. It only worked after I turned off the firewall. Thanks a lot! :)

August 23, 2012


Thank you for your help!

August 15, 2012


Sorry to hear Wellesenterproses, try turning off your Windows firewall. Same procedure.

1-click on the start button at bottom of your screen
2- Click control panel
3- Click green System and Security
4- Click green Windows Firewall
5- on the left of that window you'll see "Turn Windows Firewall on or off"
6- Select that option, then put both the home network and public network to "Off"

Now try uploading. If it still doesnt work then there is something other then the firewall preventing you. You can run a troubleshoot of Java through their website (

August 15, 2012


I am still having trouble with uploading. I have done everything you said to do and I still get an error message when trying to upload. The upload starts and then stops right away with a red stop sign and error message.

August 01, 2012


Thanks for sharing!

July 31, 2012


I solved my problem, thank you!

July 30, 2012


I would give up if it happens to me...... but thanks for the methodology !! David.

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