The journey to my first sale

I still remember when I was starting, it was a hot month of august, I took my camera and went to take as many images as I could.

Among those photos was one that I did not find very pleasant to admire, because it seemed very simple, it was a rocky texture of the earth that at first had caught my attention, but over time lost interest.

Each photograph that I was uploading achieved a medium success, which motivated me to continue again and again with the taking of new and new photos, improving my technique every time in a better way.

It passed and passed the time, I acquired new knowledge not only in photos, also in illustrations, videos and audios, which obviously I also started to upload.

I spent enough time so that the ideas I had originally conceived were ending, so I was resorting to new ways of redesigning my own concepts and methods, in turn, I was getting deeper into the experience of the videos and audios , providing them with creativity and something of their own style.

It was as well as through the time each video, illustration, photo and audio were representing my creativity until the moment of needing to create new contents.

Rocky ground

After several months of uploading the photos I had taken that afternoon, I realized that there was only one photo to upload, the rocky texture, so I decided not to load it that day, because I considered it a waste of time at that moment.

It was not until the next day that I decided to upload it, taking about two hours the whole process of trimming and editing so that the image was as good as possible, being that the photography with which I had worked so much up to that moment.

Shortly after a month of uploading it, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this photo, so unimportant to me, had become my first sale of the page, something that would be repeated exactly one month later, because at that moment, the same image I had obtained a new sale, being to date the only one that has obtained between all the photos that I came to consider better than the rocky texture.

Then this incredible experience was a moral of life, because it taught me that not everything that seems bad at first ends up being that way, and in turn I understood that each photo is unique and special, as well as the moment and the time in the that this is taken.

Photo credits: Jorge Laurean.
Jorge Laurean
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