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A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart. The origin of the word is “amator”, which means lover. ]So the amateur to me is the passionate one, the lover of the art who does not do it not for business. The pro should have that same love and passion, and happen to do it for work as well.

I love taking photographs, because it enables me to connect with the world on a deeper level.

When I take a picture, I connect with my world three times. The first connection happens when I compose and shoot the photograph. The second connection happens when I critically review the picture to see what I shot. The third connection happens when I use that picture in a project.

This triple connection burns the picture into my consciousness, and each time I review it I notice things that I didn't see the first or second time around. I see my world in a different way.

In the twenty-first century, it's too easy to go on autopilot and live in a mindless manner. You look at a tree without really seeing the tree and look at a flower without really seeing the flower. You see your world, but don't connect with it at any significant level.

That's where photography can be such a help, because photographs helps you reconnect with life.

The simple act of shooting a photograph radically shifted my awareness. I went from a mindless existence to a mindful one. Taking a picture of a seagull may not change my life, but it certainly makes me more aware of the world which I live in.

Photographs are beautiful in their own right, but what's more important is those photos enable me to connect with my world on a mindful level.

When busy, important, and serious try to take over, and my life becomes an unfocused blur, it's time to take out my camera and shoot some photos that get things back in focus. Living in a mindless manner isn't really living; it's just going through the motions.

If you see me out there somewhere, you'll probably see a camera in my hand, and now you know why. My camera continues to reminds me it's a beautiful world, and life is good.

Photo credits: Razvan Nicolescu.

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July 12, 2012


some pleasure that we get more than the every dollar then :D

July 11, 2012


some pleasure that we get more than the every dollar then :D

July 09, 2012


Beautifully written and so true.Thanks.

July 09, 2012


I like your writing,
all the work had to be constituted with joy at the heart first ..

July 05, 2012


Very nicely said. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts.

July 05, 2012


very well written! I even have dreams that im taking photos while I sleep..(ive been told I press the shutter even) A camera makes us stop and look at the world around us, and I agree.. its pretty amazing

July 04, 2012


Absolutely agree with deepper coonection to the world that gives you photography (as pretty much any art or creation). Thank you very much this is a beautiful, philosophic, inspiring words.

July 03, 2012


An excellent comment. Once in a while, you read an excellent blog, and you believe in what you are trying to accomplish. Thank you for inspiring me.

July 03, 2012


Good to read!

July 03, 2012


I heard that "
A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart" from the many of the top photographers and I agree. If you're not truly passionate about your work, especially in the photography industry, you will not create an excellent product.

July 03, 2012


Beautifully said!

July 03, 2012


you said everything what I would have loved to say :) and thanks for the lecture about what "Amateur" means - now I love to name myself amateur again - I totally underestimated the meaning

July 03, 2012


This is one of the best blogs I have ever read. I also feel that photography transforms life.... For example I was living in Kuwait before I became passionate about photography....... I am saddened to think of how good a collection of images I might have had if I had developed the love which you speak of in your article a few years earlier. However it is the change from film to digital which really transforms by allowing up to throw away 9 out of 10 pictures and to capture magic moments. David.

July 02, 2012


Excellent essay!

July 02, 2012


Nice blog!

July 02, 2012


Great blog, very true. All you have said I agree with, but could not have said it like you. To me also this is the biggest reward since taking up photography. I now have opened my eyes. I have encouraged my daughter to also take up this wonderful "eye opening" pastime hoping that she too will see a different world.

July 02, 2012


well written! Since I decided to get "serious" with photography, I see the world in a new way. I see DETAILS in things that had previously gone unnoticed.

July 02, 2012


I really like your blog, thanks for sharing your love perspective of photography and of the world

July 02, 2012


A very well written and thought provoking blog. Thanks for sharing!!!

July 02, 2012


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

July 02, 2012


I really enjoy your blog, I guess I feel the same in many ways. I liked the "Taking a picture of a seagull may not change my life, but it certainly makes me more aware of the world which I live in". Thanks.

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