Joyous Easter Celebration

Easter is almost here and this is the most Holy week of the year for Christians. This week we mourn the death of Christ, then, celebrate his joyous resurrection and victory over death. The lesson we learn from this day, is that, if you have faith in God, there is no death, for we shall be resurrected into Heaven and be with God forever. Over the years, I have studied the beliefs of so many different Religions. The one thing that they all have in common is that same lesson. Be at peace, and have faith in God, Whatever you conceive him to be, and you shall have eternal life with God in whatever you conceive Heaven to be. So, I wish all a blessed and Holy week and Love and Light in you life.

Photo credits: Connie Larsen, Denise Kappa, Irisangel.

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Happy Easter!!! He is risen!!!


Happy Easter Irisangel and to all Christians.


Have a Joyous and Holy Easter , whatever your chosen reason to celebrate this lovely day. Anytime we have a day that enables us to find an excuse to be happy , and to celebrate it with our brothers and sisters everywhere, it's a wonderful habit. God Bless and may all your inspirations be a reflection of how you want others to treat you in reciprocation. Peace to all.


Thank you all and Easter Blessings.


Great design!!!my friend Irisangel


Happy Easter to all! Bye!


You got super images!I wish you to have a happy Easter with your family. I will celebrate Easter next week,Gabriel


Happy Easter to you, Iris! Bye, Rob.


As usual great design, a great inspiration I get from your designs. And happy Easter to all.


Great design!

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